Live mode is an opportunity to bet in real time after the start of the match. The online bookmaker offers more than 1,000 events daily in this section, providing live streaming for users. In order to be able placing bets on live sports, players have to complete the Baji Live sign up process for a free betting account. You can access it by clicking on the “Sports” icon on the main Baji Live page. On the left you will find the menu of the section with the main sports categories:

  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • e-Sports
  • Volleyball
  • Snooker
  • Cricket
  • Rugby
  • Table Tennis
  • Kabaddi

Most often, live bets are called one of the most complex options of betting. Usually the need to analyze the situation on the field in real time is associated with the desire to “cheer” for one of the parties, and the excitement of the fan is fueled by the expectation of winning. In this case, a decision has to be made in a very short period of time: for the rates are dynamically changing throughout the match. The bettor has to take risks and rely on all their experience. Therefore, the Live mode is more suitable for professional bettors.

In sports betting, luck is not the determining factor, but involves working with information and building a strategy, especially in live betting. Analytical work with a sporting event, analysis of team lineups and players’ personalities precedes even such a dynamic betting option. Of course, time is too short to take into account all the nuances of the game, but even in live betting the calculation of the strategy plays a very important role. 

Live cricket betting

Online bookmaker Baji Live is focused on Asian bettors, so it offers a large number of cricket markets. 70% of bets on this sport are placed in live mode. Cricket tournaments vary in their format. Currently, the main formats are one-day matches, first level competitions and “T20” format.

  • First-level cricket or test cricket includes competitions for elite teams. In these tournaments can participate only 10 national teams. The duration of these matches is often stretched over 3-5 days, so the format is more suitable for cricket fans – a lot of tactics and little spectacle.
  • One-day tournaments (ODI) – competitions whose duration is limited by the number of overs – for example, there can only be 40 or 50 overs in a game, so the meeting ends in one day.
  • T20 competitions are the most spectacular. They are limited in time (up to 3.5 hours), so the events in them are dynamic.

In cricket betting is important not only to understand the rules of the game and need to understand the peculiarities of tournaments, the format of which can vary significantly. 

Main types of cricket betting

Online bookmaker Baji Live offers large cricket betting markets, including major and additional outcomes. For the most prestigious tournaments and leagues, there are unusual types of bets that are great for Live mode. For example, which team will win the toss. In this case, you need to choose the team that will take the ball first.

Type of bets

  • Main outcome (1×2);
  • Double chance;
  • Totals;
  • Asian Handicap;
  • Individual total;
  • Best bowler;
  • Best Batsman;
  • Tournament Winner;
  • Drawing of lots.

Online bookmaker Baji Live offers additional cricket betting options. These include all offers that are not included in the main markets. Examples of additional bets include betting on lower or higher totals/handicaps, even/odd scores.

Tips for live cricket betting

Since the first level matches can last several days, they are of particular value to bettors who bet live. 

Important factors such as weather, pitch and ball wear and tear, strong winds and the results of the toss all have a strong influence on the game and the outcome of the match. By analyzing and being informative, an experienced bettor wins bets and unexpected moments in the match are not a surprise to him. 

One of the popular strategies in live betting mode is to watch when the ball change happens. To do this, you need to keep a close eye on the overs, the ball is changed after 80 overs. The new ball is tighter and is able to travel greater distances after the bat is struck. 

Also, the advantage after changing the ball can be a bowler, batting the ball not straight but curling it at his desired trajectory because the new ball is drier and denser.

The odds

Online bookmaker company Baji Live enjoys well-deserved popularity, all regular users agree that it provides the most comfortable and clear conditions for betting.  And the priority advantage of the bookmaker office is the availability of very high odds for betting on sports in live mode.

During the match, Baji Live can offer odds of 20 or more. Such cases occur when the favorite team is not in the best physical shape, or the team has not lost for a long time, or meets an uncomfortable opponent, or performs against a background of fatigue. The underdog, in turn, should be capable of surprises and could periodically overwhelm the favorite. 

Bets on this strategy can give very high odds, it all depends on how high will be the advancement in the standings of the selected matches. The main thing is to bet without using the long distance, as high bets on the long distance have a pass of no more than 10%.